Posted on 29/02/2024 | 361 Views

Bitcoin just hit an all-time high in AUD – driven by ETF inflows, global liquidity maturing from an early-cycle to a mid-cycle, alongside debase

Posted on 27/02/2024 | 302 Views

Marking a significant moment since 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) has gracefully revisited the AU$82,739 (US$54,000) domain, peaking at AU$83,800 (US$54,627). Cu

Posted on 22/02/2024 | 489 Views

As the digital finance landscape evolves, Bitcoin and Ethereum have emerged not as adversaries but as complementary assets heralding a new era of inve

Posted on 20/02/2024 | 400 Views

This morning, Ethereum's value exceeded the AU$4,500 mark, bolstered by a significant increase in trading volume across ETH spot markets. With bul

Posted on 15/02/2024 | 444 Views

For the first time since November 2021, the aggregate investment in Bitcoin eclipsed the AU$1.54 trillion (US$1 trillion) mark, propelled by continuou

Posted on 13/02/2024 | 378 Views

For the first time in over two years, Bitcoin soared to the AU$76,500 (US$50,000) mark, fuelled by anticipations of interest rate reductions later in

Posted on 08/02/2024 | 371 Views

Bitcoin (BTC) has surged, marking a notable peak since January 12, pushing past the AU$67,500 (US$44,000) mark, riding the wave of a buoyant US stock

Posted on 06/02/2024 | 463 Views

In the wake of unprecedented inflows into cryptocurrency investment products, with Bitcoin leading the charge, a significant driver behind this surge

Posted on 01/02/2024 | 456 Views

Standard Chartered, a global banking giant with over AU$1.22 trillion (US$800 billion) in assets under management, has released a report predicting a

Posted on 30/01/2024 | 488 Views

The race for Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is heating up, with market speculation about an $8.5 trillion (AU$12.84 trillion) asset manager, Cha

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