Silver Standard - to new wallet

Silver Standard - to new wallet

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Min. $2,000 - Max $100,000*
We securely create a new wallet (in store only)
Silver Standard AGS - to new wallet. Note - Selecting this option means you will come in to our office to watch us produce and load a secure offline Ainslie Crypto Wallet. If you can’t come in to our Brisbane store or already have (or are producing) your own wallet select the “Silver Standard – to an existing wallet” option instead.

Silver Standard (AUS) combines real silver bullion with blockchain technology to bring you a secure crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain fully backed and redeemable for silver.

1 AUS = 1g of pure silver bullion.

That silver bullion is already secured before the corresponding tokens are minted. At any time you can interrogate the blockchain and the secure database that list every silver bar and its serial number to see that number of tokens = number of grams secured. All silver bullion is securely held, insured and independently audited in Reserve Vault in Brisbane.

There are other ‘silver backed’ tokens on the market but you will inevitably find them domiciled in ‘regulation lite’ Malta or the Caribbean or a complicated and indirect ‘dual coin’ model. Silver Standard is domiciled in high reg Australia, a single ERC20 token with direct backing of silver, and brought to you by Ainslie Bullion, one of Australia’s largest and oldest bullion dealers, not a start up.

Go to for more details, including a tutorial on how to produce your own secure wallet.

Note the $100,000 maximum noted is only to allow us to manage peak days. We ordinarily can do orders considerably more, we just ask that you call us or email us first. Note for large orders we will buy the metal and then mint the tokens freshly for you so that your order does not move the general market unfavourably against you.
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