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Backup your hardware wallet safely
SAFEWORDS is a cost-effective, simple and safe paper backup kit for all cryptocurrency wallets. It gives any cryptocurrency user a fast and effective way to create a distributed backup of mnemonic seed words.

The SAFEWORDS kit includes everything required to make a secure, distributed backup of the mnemonic seed needed to restore your cryptocurrency wallet including:
- One set of three SAFEWORDS mnemonic seed backup cards
- Three storage envelopes
- Three serial number matched tamper evident seals
- Instructions

How it works?

SAFEWORDS splits your mnemonic seed into 3 partial solutions, each of which is committed to one of the SAFEWORDS cards. Each card is then stored in an individual SAFEWORDS envelope and sealed with an individually serialised tamper evident sticker.

Once your envelopes are prepared, each one can be stored securely in a separate location. You might store one at home, one with a close family member and one in a secure vault like Reserve Vault.

To recover your key, you must combine information from at least two of your cards together. Any two of your three cards gives you everything you need to re-create your private keys and regain control of your funds. This way, anyone who somehow gains knowledge of the information on one card is prevented from controlling your wallet. The tamper evident seals ensure that you will know if any of your cards have been compromised.

Safewords can be used when initialising a new wallet or to bolster the security of an existing cryptocurrency portfolio. Safewords works with all cryptocurrency wallets that use BIP39 or electron compatible mnemonic seed backups.
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