Bitcoin Cash - to new wallet

Bitcoin Cash - to new wallet

Minimum purchase automatically calculated.
All quantities truncated to 4 decimal places will be rounded.
(ABC) Min. $2,000 - Max $100,000
We securely create a new wallet (in store only)
PLEASE NOTE - This is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) not Bitcoin (BTC)

Selecting this option means you can buy your Bitcoin Cash online and then come in to our store where we will produce a new secure wallet and load it with your purchase.

If you are remote to Brisbane and can't come to us for one of our Ainslie Crypto Wallets, give us a call or email and we can explain how to produce something similar at home.
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Min. $2,000 - Max $100,000
You have your own existing ETH address
Min. $5,000 - Max $100,000* (incl fee)
We hold your wallet

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