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Highest Ever Negative Yielding Bonds - ECB Capitulates

Posted | 19-Jun-2019 / Views | 3
Another record was set last night.  The amount of negative yielding global sovereign bonds has never been higher.  There is now $12 trillion in negative yielding sovereign debt.  So bad is the global economy, so nervous is big money, that it is prepared to PAY for the privilege of owning government issued debt.  You only pay som... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence

Posted | 18-Jun-2019 / Views | 326
Watch or listen to this week's Ainslie Intelligence trading signals analysis.  Are you considering subscribing? Visit for more information.         ... Read More...

Buckle Up for the Fortnight Ahead

Posted | 17-Jun-2019 / Views | 763
If you look at the two biggest influences on global markets of late, they are the Fed’s rates policy and the US China Trade war.  This week the Fed meet for their June FOMC meeting and next week we have the G20 meeting between Trump and Xi. The market is almost fully pricing no change by the Fed this month (but expecting a cut in July... Read More...

Pushing a String – Why the Fed Can’t Save the Day

Posted | 14-Jun-2019 / Views | 847
History is full of lessons we don’t seem to heed.  Consider the following excerpt from the US House Committee on Banking and Currency: “Governor Eccles: ‘Under present circumstances, there is very little, if anything, that can be done.’ Congressman T. Alan Goldsborough: ‘You mean you cannot push a string.&rs... Read More...

Pressure on the AUD as NAB Survey “Grim”

Posted | 13-Jun-2019 / Views | 855
Since the AUD spiked over 70c after the rate cut last week, it has been on a downward trajectory, reaching lows of around 69.1c as we write. Yesterday we saw a deceleration of China’s PPI (producer price inflation) to just 0.6%.  That is bad news for commodity currencies like the AUD which dropped on the news despite ore prices firmin... Read More...

China Buys Up Gold Amid Trade War

Posted | 12-Jun-2019 / Views | 842
The ramifications of the trade war between the US and China are being felt well beyond the daily sharemarket gyrations off the next Trump tweet.  The tariffs are already hurting and spooking China and they are actively looking for diversification. According to the World Gold Council, central banks continued from the record breaking gold buy... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence. Analysis this week.

Posted | 11-Jun-2019 / Views | 510
Our Signals report on the previous week in worldwide finance. USD and AUD positions relative to rate decisions and EUR strengthens due to political uncertainty.   ... Read More...

Gold Tests Resistance and NFP Tests Fed ‘Patience’

Posted | 10-Jun-2019 / Views | 699
Friday night saw the latest official US employment figures released (non-farm payrolls or NFP) and it was a shocker of a print.  Against expectations of 175,000 new jobs, only 75,000 were created.  To make matters worse, April and May were revised down by 75,000 and so making it a net zero month, and wage growth disappointed as well. T... Read More...

8 Reasons a Huge Gold Mania Is About to Begin

Posted | 07-Jun-2019 / Views | 1769
A MUST READ today.  Casey Research just penned two articles listing 8 reasons why they think we are on the verge of “an epic gold bull market”.  They believe we are about to see a remonetisation of gold, a paradigm shift in the international monetary system, of an order not seen since 1971.  Gold went up 2300% from 1971 t... Read More...

Bad News is Good News Returns – Here comes Stagflation

Posted | 06-Jun-2019 / Views | 938
Last night was a classic return to the ‘bad news is good news’ days.  Shares rallied as the Fed chair (and other members) dovishly spoke and almost cemented rate cuts to come in the US, even hinting at QE returning.  The market is now pricing in no less than 3 (!) rate cuts this year.  That is extraordinary when you consi... Read More...