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Overvalued & Overleveraged

Posted | 17-Aug-2018 / Views | 914
The July numbers for Australia’s house prices was released this last week and we saw further falls in the 5 capital city aggregate to 3.34% down for the year, lead by Sydney, now down by over 7%.  This spurred an article in the Daily Mail reporting Sydney as one of the world’s most overvalued cities.  More alarming however was... Read More...

Contrarian’s Delight – Oh What a Night

Posted | 16-Aug-2018 / Views | 879
Wow what a night on global markets!  The only thing not to get hammered was the USD, US Treasuries and….wait for it… crypto, all of which ended stronger.  How’s that for a turnaround for the books lately?  But seriously it was a brutal night for gold and silver in particular, with silver down 4%, hitting a 9 year ... Read More...

Crypto’s Dead! – Just like Amazon

Posted | 14-Aug-2018 / Views | 1350
“We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” Known as Amara’s Law after the American researcher, scientist, futurist, and president of the Institute for the Future, the late Roy Amara, this law is one we may all look back on as one of the clearest insights i... Read More...

COMEX Setup Just Gets Better!

Posted | 13-Aug-2018 / Views | 789
Last week we discussed the very (historically) bullish setup on the gold and silver futures market (here and here).  The latest Commitment of Traders (CoT) report released on Saturday for the week ending last Tuesday shows this remarkable setup has got even more bullish. Firstly in gold we saw a further reduction in the Speculators long pos... Read More...

AUD – Casualty of the Trade War

Posted | 10-Aug-2018 / Views | 1206 recently penned the following article spelling out the headwinds for our Aussie dollar.  As the USD strength continues to put pressure on the spot price of gold, a disproportionate weakening of the AUD helps maintain gold prices in our currency. “The Australian dollar has been the worst performer among the world’s ... Read More...

Seasonality Says Gold to Rise From Here

Posted | 09-Aug-2018 / Views | 799
Right now marks a fairly predictable ‘bottom’ in the annual calendar of gold prices.  As the chart below illustrates August tends to be the last visit to the Support line of price patterns for the year.  Gold supply tends to be fairly constant so this is no seasonality out of supply but, rather, demand. From now on (Autumn ... Read More...

NYSE Operator to Open Crypto Platform

Posted | 08-Aug-2018 / Views | 752
Bitcoin’s true potential is yet to be unlocked and its price, accordingly, continues to bounce along the bottom.  However news this week of the world’s biggest stock exchange operator looking to launch its own digital asset platform could well be a huge step toward bitcoin being all it can be. In another tough week for crypto on... Read More...

Silver Price Manipulation?

Posted | 07-Aug-2018 / Views | 1034
Yesterday we updated you on the record gold short position by the Managed Money sector on COMEX along with US Treasuries as everything is awesome.  We omitted silver as there is possibly a whole other story to talk about there.  We’ve discussed previously theories of manipulation of the silver markets in particular by the big banks.... Read More...

Flight FROM Safety before “biggest crash in world history”?

Posted | 06-Aug-2018 / Views | 1488
The author of one of the most famous personal finance books in history, Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is hitting headlines today with his warning we are heading toward the “biggest crash in world history”.  You can read the version here. The reality however is that he is a rare voice at pres... Read More...

WGC - Gold Demand Trends Q2 2018

Posted | 03-Aug-2018 / Views | 801
Unsurprisingly amid the soft gold price these last few months, the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends Q2 2018 report shows global demand for gold fell 4% to 964.3 tonne, taking the H1 total to its lowest first half since 2009 in the global liquidity squeeze of 2009 at 1,959.9 tonne. Below are the WGC’s highlights for the quarter... Read More...