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Gold Jumps on US Unemployment & Money Printing

Posted | 03-Apr-2020 / Views | 8036
Gold jumped last night as the US initial jobless claims for the last week saw an unprecedented 6.65m jump.  Last week we reported the previously unprecedented 3.3m jump in people unemployed taking the total to nearly 10m extra unemployed in just 2 weeks.  To understand the significance of just how ‘unprecedented’ that is the c... Read More...

Bull or Bear Market? The “suckering”

Posted | 02-Apr-2020 / Views | 8924
On Friday we explained and warned of the Bull Trap phenomenon.  Since writing that we have seen a replication of the chart shared showing how a bull trap works. Last night we saw US shares drop around 4.5% after drops the night before as well.  Aussie futures suggest we’ll be down 3% too.  Gold was up 2.2% in AUD terms and 1.1%... Read More...

Fools Gold

Posted | 01-Apr-2020 / Views | 6333
We have written extensively on the questionable gold investment vehicle of ETF’s and last week wrote of the pressures in the futures markets with deliverability of physical gold and the ensuing disconnect between the paper spot price and the price to buy real gold. So how does one fix a problem around the physical supply of gold on futures... Read More...

Ainslie Update

Posted | 31-Mar-2020 / Views | 6097
This article serves to bring you up to speed on what’s happening at Ainslie and precious metals more broadly. As you know today we recommence attendances to our office via online appointments only, principally to allow people to sell their metal or pick up a previous order.  We understand there are a growing number of people needing t... Read More...

World Aflood With New “Money” – What Next

Posted | 30-Mar-2020 / Views | 12362
Last night our PM announced further economic support packages to help ease the impacts of this recession as are all governments around the world.  It is interesting and scary at the same time to quantify this and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have done exactly that describing this as the "fastest crash, deleveraging, recession, policy pan... Read More...

Beware the Bull Trap

Posted | 27-Mar-2020 / Views | 22067
Phew!  That was close!… We thought we were in a financial crisis there for a minute.  But last night US shares re-entered a technical bull market just a week after a technical bear market.  Yep, US shares are up 20% off the low last week.  Everything is awesome and everything is fixed so buy the dip.  Well, sure init... Read More...

Global Race for Physical Gold Uncouples from Paper

Posted | 26-Mar-2020 / Views | 13756
This week has seen a disconnecting of the ‘paper’ spot price and that for physical metal by the most in 4 decades.  The recent drop in the gold price has counterintuitively coincided with massive global demand for physical gold as investors rush to the safe haven.  The same is even more so for silver which is down 19% this yea... Read More...

Bitcoin's Time to Shine

Posted | 25-Mar-2020 / Views | 4257
Bitcoin is, according to some, facing its first great test—whether it can perform as a store of value during a wider market crash. The bitcoin price collapsed in the face of coronavirus-induced chaos, losing around half its value as traditional markets recorded historic falls, for similar reasons to how gold and silver dropped – an unpr... Read More...

QEternity sees gold jump 5% silver 7% - why?

Posted | 24-Mar-2020 / Views | 7775
Last night saw the US Fed unleashed another unprecedented stimulus package pushing it into what Bloomberg aptly described as ‘unchartered territory’.  Not un-coincidentally gold jumped 5% and silver 7% and despite a ‘yay free money!’ rally, shares quickly reversed and finished down another 3%. “In a surprise an... Read More...

Markets Have A Long Way to Fall

Posted | 23-Mar-2020 / Views | 11855
Yesterday saw our PM announce an unprecedented financial rescue package to try to soften the damage of business closures and unemployment.  It is often inaccurately being called stimulus.  This is in no way stimulus, this is damage control.  But what it will be doing, as stimulus does, is inject a whole lot of new ‘free’ ... Read More...