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Removing the “Lid” off the Gold Price

Posted | 22-Feb-2019 / Views | 688
A ‘must read’ today.  Greg Canavan is a balanced, smart, cool head when it comes to investment.  He has learned the hard way about emotional investing and deploys a system of combining fundamental analysis with technical signals from charts.  In other words he recognises fundamentals and what you ‘believe’ onl... Read More...

The Problem with US’s Corporate Debt

Posted | 21-Feb-2019 / Views | 492
Last night was a rollercoaster on sharemarkets as they digested the minutes to the last Fed meeting. Simplistically you could observe those market gyrations as cognitive dissonance.  The market knows a Fed turned dovish is because the market is weak, and yet they also know the market will probably rally off this ‘bad news’, but the... Read More...

Why are both Gold and S&P500 Rising?

Posted | 20-Feb-2019 / Views | 634
One of the key attributes of gold is its lack of (inverse) correlation with financial markets and hence its ‘safe haven’ reputation.  We often talk about the fact that over the last 50 years, in each of the 5 worst crashes, shares on average went down 24.4% in those years whilst gold went up 38.5% in the same year, meaning you woul... Read More...

This week in our AI. Trading signals made to outperform the market.

Posted | 19-Feb-2019 / Views | 266
Our AI continues to perform. Check out this weeks review of our performance indicators.  You can join the AI trading revolution and enjoy 2 weeks for free through  No credit card required, just 2 weeks to see how we do things. Happy (and safe) Trading!         ... Read More...

More Pressure on the USD and UST’s

Posted | 18-Feb-2019 / Views | 646
The USD continues to feel pressure from overseas with the latest US Treasury data showing December saw the biggest month of foreign selling of US Treasuries on record.  In one month foreign investors dumped $77 billion worth taking foreign holdings to around 36%, the lowest percentage holding in over a decade. Not surprisingly too, we h... Read More...

JPMorgan Adopts Blockchain – What about XRP?

Posted | 15-Feb-2019 / Views | 977
News is afire today on the announcement by JP Morgan of their own cryptocurrency stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar.  JPM are one of the world’s biggest banks and facilitate over $6 trillion in transactions daily.  The so called JPM Coin allows them to use the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to make these transactions, over... Read More...

Fundamentals Don’t Support this Rally

Posted | 14-Feb-2019 / Views | 677
Metals came off a bit last night and shares continued their Santa rally despite nothing really changing since the October – December sharemarket correction last year.  The trade war is unresolved (though yet again last night looked better, hence the rally, but still just off again, on again words we’ve seen before), Brexit looks ce... Read More...

China Joins Central Bank Gold Rush

Posted | 13-Feb-2019 / Views | 731
2018 saw the biggest year of central bank gold purchases since 1971, the year the US President Nixon scrapped the gold standard.  However China, the world’s biggest producer and consumer of gold, largest foreign exchange holder ($3 trillion), and second biggest economy, was absent from the buying spree right up until December 2018. ... Read More...

A New Gold Standard Arrives!

Posted | 12-Feb-2019 / Views | 1609
Today Ainslie is proud to launch an exciting new way to invest in gold and silver.  Gold Standard and Silver Standard are fully backed gold and silver tokens available right now for sale.  These tokens seamlessly and securely combine real physical gold and silver bullion with blockchain technology and convenience. Gold Standard (AUS) h... Read More...

Banning Cash & Negative Interest Rates

Posted | 11-Feb-2019 / Views | 1341
The unprecedented monetary stimulus unleashed by central banks post GFC has had many unintended consequences.  One stimulus measure was cutting interest rates, in a number of countries even into negative territory.  Whilst the US Fed raising rates is grabbing global headlines and rattling global markets, the fact remains that most countri... Read More...