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YOLO & Recessions – Taking Action Now

Posted | 23-Apr-2019 / Views | 703
Over the last week we have shared the insights from the upcoming In Gold We Trust report in 6 short easily digestible articles.  If you missed them, we consider them a must read for any world participant (i.e Everyone!). Why?  Because unless this time is different (and it never is), we, on any measure, are getting very close to the nex... Read More...

IGWT 6 – Where to for Gold?

Posted | 18-Apr-2019 / Views | 577
In our final instalment of looking at the “In Gold We Trust” teaser, is their aptly named Quo Vadis, Aurum.  Where to from here for gold? Let us start with their quote from investment legend Jim Grant: “The only permanent truth in finance is that people will get bullish at the top and bearish at the bottom.” Go... Read More...

IGWT 5 – What Are Gold Shares Telling Us?

Posted | 17-Apr-2019 / Views | 546
In our 5th instalment looking at the “In Gold We Trust” report, they look at gold stocks (shares) and what the equities market is telling us about gold. The HUI Index is the so called Gold BUGS (Basket of Unhedged Gold Stocks) index on the New York Stock Exchange.  The ration between the HUI and the S&P500 is currently at le... Read More...

IGWT 4 – Gold’s Technicals Looking Good

Posted | 16-Apr-2019 / Views | 597
Over the last few days we have looked at a few of the tailwinds for gold looking forward from the In Gold We Trust preview.  Today we pass on their assessment of the status quo for gold; where we are at now. The table below shows gold’s performance over this century in a host of different currencies.  As they say: “The a... Read More...

IGWT 3 – The Turn of Monetary Architecture

Posted | 15-Apr-2019 / Views | 568
Continuing our 6 part series summarising the “In Gold We Trust” teaser we look at the demonstrable shift in the architecture of global money.  Not a new topic to regular readers, the global de-(US)dollarisation is very real and telling. The chart below shows the proportion of global currency reserves held in USD is under threat.... Read More...

IGWT 2 – Real Interest Rates & Gold

Posted | 12-Apr-2019 / Views | 826
Yesterday we presented the first of 6 articles off the “Preview Chartbook” for the highly anticipated “In Gold We Trust” report by Incrementum.  Today we look at the effect of all the debt the US has amassed, but importantly the rate environment it has done it in and the impact that will likely have on gold. Firstly,... Read More...

In Gold We Trust Teaser – QE4 coming?

Posted | 11-Apr-2019 / Views | 799
Incrementum’s annual “In Gold We Trust” report is probably the most anticipated annual in the gold community.  They have released their “Preview Chartbook” and list 4 topics as their executive summary main points and over the next 6 days we will summarise each.   They are: A turn of the tide in monetary... Read More...

IMF Downgrade Lowest Since GFC – What this means.

Posted | 10-Apr-2019 / Views | 708
Wall Street had a bad night last night and gold rose, both largely off the back of yet another downgrade to global growth by the IMF, its 3rd downgrade in 6 months. The IMF are now forecasting the worst global growth since the beginning of the GFC citing: “Following a broad-based upswing in cyclical growth that lasted nearly two years, ... Read More...

Aggregate market cap of the digital assets increasing by 24%

Posted | 09-Apr-2019 / Views | 525
Hello and welcome to the Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals update.  The AI maintained its sell position for the Aussie Dollar from the end of February which has continued to pay dividends.  However, with positive developments coming from Australiaís biggest customer, China, the AUD could see strength return on the back of increasingly... Read More...

Morgan Stanley – Just FOMO Driving Markets

Posted | 08-Apr-2019 / Views | 770
A rebound in the headline US jobs report after last month’s dismal effort saw US shares continue their upward trend this year.  Indeed the S&P500 is getting very close to the highs it posted last September before it crashed by 20% into Xmas thereafter.  The headline was good but the market ignored the poor wage growth and tempor... Read More...