Ainslie Customer ID Verification

Please select an option below for ID verification

If you are having difficulty with identification verification or you do not wish to verify online, please contact us to assist you with your submission.

ID Photo/Selfie

Before you complete your Online ID Verification below you will need to send us a photo of yourself holding your drivers license (or other primary photo ID) and a sign saying Ainslie and today’s date. Email this to [email protected]

Show me how

How To: Ainslie ID Selfie

Simply write "Ainslie" and today's date on a piece of paper, grab your ID and hold them both in one hand while ensuring you can see both clearly, then with your other hand, take a selfie with your phone.

TIP: it doesnt have to be a selfie, you can get someone else to help :)

Got it!

Online ID Verification - Individuals

For use exclusively by individuals.  This service is not available for Businesses, Corporations, Trusts or SMSFs.

To begin, please ensure you have sent in your ID selfie and clickclick "I'm not a robot" below

Manual verification - Non-individuals

For use by non-individuals such as Businesses, Corporations, Trusts and SMSFs.  Please download, print and complete the form below and return to us either via post, or by email as well as each director or trustee completing the above online ID verification for individuals. Please refer our contact page for details

Ainslie ID Form