The Unprecedented Lull in Bitcoin and Ethereum's Active Supply

Posted on 28/11/2023 | 758 Views

Bitcoin's Dramatic Dip

The active supply of both Bitcoin and Ethereum has plummeted to record lows… again. Data sourced from The Block provides insight into this significant shift. At the height of its activity between March 2017 and 2018, Bitcoin's supply saw over 59% actively trading. Fast forward to the last year, and this figure has sharply dropped to just 30.12%. This notable decline in Bitcoin's active supply coincides with the upcoming halving event, expected in April next year, which historically affects market dynamics due to reduced new Bitcoin generation rates.

Ethereum Follows Suit

Ethereum mirrors this trend, with its active supply also hitting a record low. The contrast is stark when compared to the period between July 2016 and 2017, where over 86% of Ethereum's supply was in circulation. Currently, only a mere 39.15% has been active over the past year.

Long-Term Holding Patterns Emerge

The data suggests a significant shift in the behaviour of cryptocurrency holders, with many opting for long-term investments rather than frequent trading. This trend is evident in the dwindling percentages of Bitcoin untouched for three to five years. Only 58.58% of Bitcoin's supply has been active in the past three years, a significant drop from over 73% in late 2019. The five-year active supply shows a similar trend, decreasing from a peak of 83% to just 70.13%.

Market Implications

These statistics point to a broader narrative within the cryptocurrency market. Despite the lower levels of active supply, network transactions for both Bitcoin and Ethereum remain near their peak. This ongoing transactional activity underscores the enduring usage and adoption of these digital currencies, even as fewer coins are traded.

The Bigger Picture

The current market scenario, characterised by decreased active supply and sustained network transactions, highlights a maturing cryptocurrency market. Investors and users are increasingly viewing digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum not just as vehicles for quick trading but as legitimate long-term investments. This shift in strategy could be influenced by the growing mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the expanding applications of blockchain technology.

As the crypto world anticipates Bitcoin's halving and monitors Ethereum's trajectory, these patterns in token circulation and market activity will be crucial for understanding investor sentiment and the evolving landscape of digital assets. For market observers and participants, these trends offer valuable insights for navigating the complex and ever-changing realm of cryptocurrencies.


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