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The Social Inequality Paradigm Shift

Posted | 18-Oct-2019 / Views | 1790
In terms of where the debt lies, commentary suggests Australia and the US could not be more different.  The US has a staggeringly high public or government debt of $22 trillion (not counting unfunded liabilities) and yet purportedly has good rates of saving by private individuals.  We on the other hand have essentially no public debt (tha... Read More...

Fiscal Spending v QE for Australia – Some US lessons

Posted | 17-Oct-2019 / Views | 1718
Yesterday we touched on the debate on whether our government should forgo the precious budget surplus and concede to the RBA’s demands for fiscal stimulus.  There is then the sub debate on whether such stimulus should be like Rudd’s helicopter money “plasma TV” cheque or instead on investment in infrastructure which sho... Read More...

IMF - “Precarious” Global “Synchronised Slowdown”

Posted | 16-Oct-2019 / Views | 1031
After softening us up last week the IMF yesterday released its latest Global Economic Outlook and as expected it was not good. With the worst growth estimate since the GFC the IMF warn of the structural fragility in the market that, just like their woefully high pre GFC call, could see a far worse outcome.  This is the 5th downgrade for the... Read More...

This Signal Predicted Last 7 Recessions

Posted | 15-Oct-2019 / Views | 1475
A little known fact is that unemployment usually bottoms just before a recession in the economy.  That’s partly because recessions don’t come with a timestamp warning and economies can appear just fine by some numbers just before they are (really) not.  But there are always warning signs for those willing to look. Friday be... Read More...

Gold - “Trust Anchor” when “whole system collapses”

Posted | 14-Oct-2019 / Views | 1135
The Dutch have joined the likes of Germany and Austria in re-securing their central bank gold holdings but breaking from the ‘everything’s fine’ narrative of other central banks, outlined exactly why. Where Germany and Austria had most of their holdings offshore in New York and London and repatriated it home to have better acce... Read More...

“Buy This Dip” – Tocqueville

Posted | 11-Oct-2019 / Views | 1513
The Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letters are a widely and highly regarded quarterly which we often share verbatim.  The latest, the Q319 version, urges their readers to buy this correction in the gold price and outlines why.  Authored by John Hathaway, it is a succinct summary of where we are now. “Buy This Dip Following... Read More...

Gold ETF’s Hit All-Time High

Posted | 10-Oct-2019 / Views | 875
Gold ETF’s Hit All-Time High Demand for gold remains strong with the World Gold Council reporting the highest ever ETF holdings in September and China continuing its buy up of the safe haven metal. From the WGC’s latest update: “In September, global gold-backed ETFs and similar products had US$3.9bn of net inflows across ... Read More...

Fed to launch ‘notQE’ & IMF Warns Why

Posted | 09-Oct-2019 / Views | 904
Fed to launch ‘notQE’ & IMF Warns Why Yet again last night saw Wall St shares drop around 1.5% whilst gold rallied 1.5% and silver 2.8% amid more US-China trade tensions and the US Fed announcing it is likely about to unleash more money printing and lower rates again.  But just as Hamlet’s Queen Gertrude postulated &ld... Read More...


Posted | 08-Oct-2019 / Views | 860
The AI has made some highly profitable trades on our Crude Oil WTI pair during the volatility surrounding the drone strikes on one of the primary Saudi Arabian oil factory's. Since the strikes, the AI has been able to find a 19.6% profit, contributing to its overall profit of 69.4% since December last year. The AI takes a keen interest on senti... Read More...

US Corporate ‘Hospital Pass’ New Record

Posted | 04-Oct-2019 / Views | 1425
After plenty of headlines about the Aussie sharemarket losing $74b in just 2 days as we feel the effects of the growing global economic concerns (discussed here and here), today looks like we will get a reprieve after Wall Street stabilised last night. So everything is awesome again and there’s nothing to fear as the ‘market’ b... Read More...