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Visualising the New Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Posted | 13-Dec-2019 / Views | 3531
Still unsure about cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications?  Still think Bitcoin is the only show in town?  Wondering why Ainslie would go to the trouble of creating gold and silver backed tokens in this new digital ecosystem? Whilst you may not be alone, blockchain wallet users has grown from 9m just 3 years ago to over 42m now. &nb... Read More...

South Africa’s Rise and Fall get’s worse

Posted | 12-Dec-2019 / Views | 4117
South Africa, once the predominant source of gold in the world is going from bad to worse.  Few may know that South Africa has produced around one quarter of all the gold in the world today.  That is about 1.55 billion troy ounces or around 48 tonne worth around $3.3 trillion.  The following video graphic takes you on a journey from ... Read More...

Goldman Sachs $1600 Gold & Vault Demand

Posted | 11-Dec-2019 / Views | 4210
Goldman Sachs have predicted USD1600 gold (AUD2350 at today’s rate) by March next year due to a host of combined drivers stating "We still see upside in gold as late cycle concerns and heightened political uncertainty will likely support investment demand for gold as a defensive asset." There are some key takeaways (and generally... Read More...

Positive Signals from Bitcoin Futures. Late 2019 Pump Possible?

Posted | 10-Dec-2019 / Views | 1899
Today we investigate a report which notes that the premium rates on Bitcoin futures have dramatically increased despite the price sliding the last couple weeks. We also discuss the cryptos tendency to stage a late Christmas-time rally.     Bitcoin has been on a steady decline over the last few weeks, with the price move errat... Read More...

NFP Awesome v REPO reality

Posted | 09-Dec-2019 / Views | 2607
Friday night saw a huge 266,000 NFP employment print for the US, surpassing all expectations, particularly after the ADP employment print just a couple of days before was the worst since March 2010.  However the sharemarket embraced the better number and surged to new all time highs whilst gold and silver got hit along with bonds.  Everyt... Read More...

Bitcoin Shaping Up for Big 2020

Posted | 06-Dec-2019 / Views | 3395
Today we recap several fundamental and technical factors surrounding the crypto market, and bitcoin in particular. From the upcoming halving, increasing demand and adoption from China and other correlated bullish signals, Bitcoin could be shaping up for a big 2020. Bitcoin didn't have the best second half of 2019, sliding from a year-to-... Read More...

If it looks like a recession and feels like a recession….

Posted | 05-Dec-2019 / Views | 4139
Yesterday saw the latest GDP figures released for Australia.  Not only were they moribund but they were even worse than consensus expectations.  Q3 printed just 0.4% (against expectations of 0.5%) and year on year 1.7% which remains the weakest since the GFC.  Per capita it remains essentially nil. However looking behind the headl... Read More...

“Landing a jumbo jet on a football field”

Posted | 04-Dec-2019 / Views | 4222
Last night the Dow dropped 1.2% and gold jumped 1.1% and silver 1.5%.  Why?  That good news on the US China Trade War that saw the last rally was, surprise surprise, a little premature with it now looking like Trump might hit China with the next lot of tariffs on 15 December.  We will again remind you, in case you haven’t read ... Read More...

1.2 billion Reasons Africa May Drive Bitcoin Upwards

Posted | 03-Dec-2019 / Views | 2798
Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of both payments company Square and Twitter, has set his sights for the "future" of bitcoin and technology in Africa and its more than 1.2 billion people. The potential and possibility of cryptocurrency and blockchain advancement in Africa appear to be maturing and evolving. The likes of the UN has even... Read More...

Central Bank Gold Repatriation and Purchases – Preparing Nations

Posted | 02-Dec-2019 / Views | 3558
Since Germany sought to repatriate its gold holdings in 2013 there have been a number of countries following suit.  This of course is in addition to central banks ramping up their purchases that saw last year hit an all time high and this year on track to rival that.  For some analysts this move by nations to bolster their gold reserves s... Read More...