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The Blockchain Phone Era

Posted | 14-Jul-2020 / Views | 2992
The Blockchain Phone Era Samsung's Blockchain Wallet will add support for users of U.S. bitcoin and crypto exchange Gemini in North America alongside integrating other crypto projects. Users of Samsung's crypto wallet, which allows self-custody of bitcoin and crypto directly on newer Samsung Galaxy models, will be able to buy and se... Read More...

Silver’s Next Bull Market Appears In

Posted | 13-Jul-2020 / Views | 9625
Today’s article is a must read.  We don’t say that often.  We look at the current set up for silver that looks very much like that of 1979 and 2008 from which it launched ahead of gold with 400-800% gains. Whilst gold bottomed in late 2015, it is now looking like silver’s 9 year bear market ended in March.  Firs... Read More...

“What was I thinking” Hindsight v Reading the “Truth”

Posted | 10-Jul-2020 / Views | 11209
If we all had hindsight beforehand we’d be incredibly rich.  The saying that no one rings a bell at the top of the market is an oft repeated one after the top has passed and to be frank, most aren’t even listening at the top regardless.  There is always a self-reinforcing narrative to say this time is different.  &ldquo... Read More...

Gold Smashes US$1800 on Hong Kong Concerns

Posted | 09-Jul-2020 / Views | 4631
Last night saw gold smash through the much anticipated US$1800 barrier, reaching US$1817 before settling to US$1810 and holding the important breakthrough.  Silver rallied even more strongly, up over 2.5% but didn’t quite break through the US$19, sitting at $18.85 at the time of writing.  The USD fell and the AUD rose to nearly ... Read More...

Australia’s Migration Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Posted | 08-Jul-2020 / Views | 8568
Warren Buffet famously said “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.”  COVID-19 has been the catalyst for such a lowering of the tide and possibly a more apt analogy is this is the sucking out of the water before the tsunami comes. The closure of our borders has seen the suspension of immigra... Read More...


Posted | 07-Jul-2020 / Views | 4569
About a year ago, Facebook announced it would create a global digital currency called "Libra" to help the billions of people around the world who lacked access to basic financial services The problem is still significant not just in developing countries but also in the United States, where almost a quarter of the population is unbank... Read More...

Record Silver Inflows Tell only Part of the Story

Posted | 06-Jul-2020 / Views | 7075
Last week saw an important new record for silver investment.  Last week saw the highest ever inflows of silver into depositories holding metal for ETF’s and mutual funds etc.  No less than 32,668,000oz of silver was deposited to back up these paper promises.  For context, that is double the total world silver production for t... Read More...

Secular Bear Market - Is this the start? Recession or Depression?

Posted | 03-Jul-2020 / Views | 10526
When we talk about bull markets and bear markets we often get swept up in the present without stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.  In this sense we tend to look at cyclical market trends as opposed to secular, derived from the Latin word for long term.  The accepted metric for a cyclical bull or bear market is reaching 20% ... Read More...

Why Robinhood Could Fuel the Next Gold and Crypto Rally

Posted | 02-Jul-2020 / Views | 5401
Much has been written about the trading platform Robinhood and its users, with some even calling this sharemarket rally the Robinhood Rally.  The free trading app has exploded in use from 1 million in 2016 to over 13 million and at an average age of 31 they are predominately millennials.  The app is deliberately designed with a ‘g... Read More...

PM Bull Run Fundamentals “never been better”

Posted | 01-Jul-2020 / Views | 8161
And so ends another financial year.  Likely one we will never forget and unfortunately FY21 is looking to be equally eventful.  Over FY20 we saw (in AUD) gold up 30%, silver up 19%, platinum flat, and the ASX200 down 11% by comparison or 1% if you had your cash (nervously) in a term deposit.  In crypto, BTC is flat and ETH is down ... Read More...