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Markets Worried about Italy

Posted | 19-Oct-2018 / Views | 783
When we recently published the article “What will cause the next financial crisis” one of the themes was a Euro crisis spurred on by Italy’s fiscal woes.  Last night global markets saw another rout on exactly that issue, together with more sharemarket losses and yuan devaluations in China. Italy has for some time been tryi... Read More...

The Margin Call Spiral

Posted | 18-Oct-2018 / Views | 760
Mike Maloney has earned a loyal following from explaining financial conditions simply and relevantly.  From time to time we have shared the chart of margin debt against the NY Stock Exchange.  Not surprisingly it is again at all time highs.  Just as gold is still relatively low, confidence and ‘irrational exuberance’ are ... Read More...

Hungary for gold – 1000% increase in holdings

Posted | 17-Oct-2018 / Views | 1087
When the world left the gold standard in 1973 and ushered in a new era of purely fiat currency central banks around the world started selling off the ‘barbarous relic’.  Who needs gold when you have credit right?  Then we had a little wakeup call in the form of the GFC.  All of a sudden the central banks of the world real... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence, Weekly Video

Posted | 16-Oct-2018 / Views | 356
Here's our latest Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals video. Discussing the success of the previous week! You can find out more - If you prefer just audio - you can listen here: ... Read More...

COMEX Short Squeeze Getting Close?

Posted | 15-Oct-2018 / Views | 782
Last week’s Commitment of Traders report, before the market rout late in the week, shows a further move of the speculators net short and the commercials long at an unprecedented level.  This unbalance is incredibly enticing as the speculators have a strong track record of being wrong at the extremes. As you can see below we haven&... Read More...

Is a War Coming with China?

Posted | 12-Oct-2018 / Views | 1626
Let’s first recap another tumultuous night on global markets.  On Wall Street the Dow ended down another 546 points (2.1%) but was down almost 700 points and below its 200 DMA before a rebound on news that Trump and Xi agreed to meet at the G20 to discuss trade.  That bounce was short lived though and the Dow now sits 1,950 points b... Read More...

Wall Street Hammered – Gold Strong

Posted | 11-Oct-2018 / Views | 1009
On its 5th consecutive day of losses, Wall Street upped the ante last night with an 832 drop in the Dow (3.2%), 95 drop in the S&P500 (3.3%), and the NASDAQ had its worst day since Brexit, down 316 (4.1%).  The volatility index (VIX) not surprisingly spiked up to 22.  Technical levels were broken everywhere with the Dow below its 50 D... Read More...

IMF Warning for Australia Amid Trade War

Posted | 10-Oct-2018 / Views | 1295
IMF Warning for Australia Amid Trade War The front page of the Australian today warns of economic pain ahead for Australia amongst the trade war building between the US and China.  Australia however is not alone and the two main participants in this trade war, the US and China, have also seen their economic growth outlook slashed by the IMF... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence, Weekly Video

Posted | 09-Oct-2018 / Views | 550
Here's our latest Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals video. Discussing the success of the previous week! You can find out more - If you prefer just audio - you can listen here: ... Read More...

Bond Market Portends “Nightmare” in Shares

Posted | 08-Oct-2018 / Views | 948
Bond Market Portends “Nightmare” in Shares Late last week Bloomberg stated "All the Nightmares for Stock Investors Start in the Bond Market."  Few would argue. Last week saw nearly $880 billion wiped off global bond markets and so pushing yields up well over 3% with the 10year US Treasury yield sitting at over 3.2%.&nb... Read More...