First Time Buyers with Ainslie Wealth

To many the thought of their first foray into precious metals can be a little daunting but the reality is that nothing could be simpler or more rewarding. 
You can purchase any of our offered cryptocurrencies through our website. Just lock in your purchase, enter your contact details and we'll email you an invoice amount which will need to be paid in full on the same day you receive your invoice. All prices are listed and all transactions processed in Australian dollars. Please note a locked in purchase through our website is a commitment to purchase the product in full.

If you are still a little unsure about whether you want to invest in precious metals, you will find a wealth of information on our website and we encourage all new customers to research as much as possible before making any purchasing or financial decisions.  We recommend subscribing to our Email Newsletter (home page at the bottom) or Facebook Page to begin understanding gold and silver bullion a little better.  Also, our Chief Analyst can to talk through any questions you may have by phone (pending availability) or simply come and visit us one of our friendly sales people can help you.  We have the full range of gold, silver, and platinum bullion product on display for you to see to help with your bullion purchasing decision.  No appointment is needed, just visit our showroom any time Weekdays between 9am and 4pm.

Once you are ready, the process starts with a simple choice of buying online through our web shop (6am-10pm 7 days), by phone or in our store (9am – 4pm Monday to Friday).  Many first time buyers like to come in and talk to one of our friendly sales people and take possession of their bullion straight away.  Others prefer to do their homework and then take advantage of the discount you get if buying online.  Either way it is easy - and we're always a phone call away if you have any questions (1800 819 474)

If you are coming into our showroom you don’t need an appointment, simply come in with your current drivers license or passport (for security reasons only).  You can pay by cash immediately or make your purchase and then transfer the funds from your bank, come back and pick up your purchase.

Purchasing online through our webshop or by phone is even easier as you can do all this from the comfort of your home or through your mobile phone while choosing to either pick up in person or have delivered, fully insured. 

For a full description of the purchasing process go to our FAQ page on this site. We also recommend visiting our web shop and have a look around. 

Some customers take up our offer of free delivery to the Reserve Vault where they can then place their bullion in their own ultra secure safe deposit box or safe. The Reserve Vault is our preferred provider of secure storage.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase please feel free to contact one of our friendly sales staff.

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